Books to Add to Your Shelves in February

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Being in this writing space means I’m pals with people whose names appear in Barnes & Noble. I like to stroll through and text them photos of their books in the wild.

“Look! Your book is next to this Beyonce biography!”

“My book is about technology. You put that there.”

“GTG love you bye.”

That said, I have three friends releasing books next month, and each one is on my to-read list. They were kind enough to send me proofs, but I still pre-ordered on Amazon to be supportive and to pass them off to others.


+ Skin Cleanse by Adina Grigore: She’s the founder of S.W. Basics and I’m a long-time fan of Adina and her brand (we met at Expo East years ago and she slipped me some vegan lip balm, what a girl). She’s smart and chill and responds to my texts at 11pm when I tell her my face feels itchy (I was having some weird reaction, and she cured me via text. God bless iMessage, man). If you like to keep things simple (every one of her products has five ingredients or fewer), pick up a copy and you won’t be disappointed. In fact, pre-order now, send them a receipt, and you’ll get $5 off a S.W. Basics order.


+ Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner: Her husband Matthew (we went to Guatemala together) has several books under his belt, and now it’s Jessica’s turn(er), lol, sorry. Matthew and I were sitting next to the driver on the front bench of a van going up and down hills in a rural village. He was telling me that Jessica was working on this book about time management. I immediately perked up because I devour any article and book on productivity and time management. He shook his head. “She’s incredible. She uses her time really wisely.” The mom of 3 with a full-time job, a killer website, crafty hobbies, and a brand new book is incredible at using her time? Yea, babe, I believe it.


+ Naptime with Theo and Beau by Jessica Shyba: I am incredibly excited for this long-awaited book. The duo #theoandbeau is beloved by many and has appeared on most major news networks — right up there with Chris Pratt and Putin. I kept teasing Jess that I feel weird describing our relationship because – you know how it is – your close friend gets super famous and you’re afraid that people think you’re a hanger-on, you know? “No one thinks that. Say we’ve traveled together. We’ve barfed together.”

Okay, my point – this book is so very special to me because it’s been amazing to see it transform and it’s been wonderful to walk alongside as her as she’s put her heart on paper. She’s always been a talented photographer; I’m happy that so many people get to see that now, too. The book is beautiful. Her photography is incredible; the love is practically tangible. I think it makes the perfect gift for kids for Valentine’s Day, and a cuddlier book will never grace your coffee table. If you pre-order now and upload a copy of your receipt to this site, you’ll get a signed bookplate with a special message from Theo + Beau. Crazy cute.


+ Besides all the above, I’m currently reading The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right by Atul Gawande (we’re not friends, but not everyone can love me, I guess). The point above about devouring anything re: time management, productivity, business, etc? That’s why I’m reading this. Gawande’s got a storytelling style, and since I haven’t finished, I can’t give you a solid review, but I keep seeing it highlighted as a must-read in publications I respect, so if you’re into this sort of thing, you probably won’t be disappointed. (Unless everything after Chapter 3 is horrible; will update.)

What’s on your messy bookshelf / nightstand?

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