The Freelancer Fifteen

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semiproper-disclosureFor the past few months, I’ve been lamenting something I call the “freelancer fifteen” which is just like the “freshman fifteen” except it doesn’t all melt away the second you stop drinking cheap beer and eating pizza on Thursday nights.

While I enjoy yoga and I hit up the local studio occasionally, I find that my whole routine gets completely jacked when I travel. Plus, it’s the first thing that gets cut when my workload is hefty. And even when I’m home, pulling late nights means, frankly, more hours in the day to eat. If I know I’ll be up until midnight, I’m eating fourth meal right around 9p.

Here’s a summary of activities I’ve tried:

+ running: Man, do I want to love this. I can do a mile before I’m like, you know, I think I’m done here.

+ racquetball: Really fun, but hard to find a consistent partner when the majority of the people who play are retired white men.

+ spin: Amazing when it’s great music. An hour of cringe when your instructor is belting out Fleetwood Mac and asking you to sing along.

+ hot vinyasa: My absolute favorite. I feel great after. But it’s so time consuming (20 minute drive there, 60 or 90 minute class that always runs over, 20 minute drive back) and unfortunately not at convenient hours. If there was a studio five minutes down the road that offered 30 minute classes, I’d be all over it.

+ Bikram: If you try Bikram, do not make the mistake I did. I brought a little hand towel because someone once told me that how you deal with the sweat in yoga is how you deal with problems in life. So for every other yoga class, I let it, literally, roll off my back or down my forehead, convince myself that I’m super chill and at peace with the world, and bring the baby-sized hand towel.

But sweat was actually pouring off me and making real puddles onto my yoga mat. Once we got into the lying down positions, I was basically barrel rolling in my own sweat. The 90 minute mark passed, and not to sound theatrical, but as I walked out, I felt like I was Ebenezer Scrooge getting a second chance at life.

stand up paddleboarding

+ stand up paddleboarding: omg, so much fun, and I’m sort of sad I tried it at the end of the season, because I would have done this all summer long. Super fun and surprisingly close, but alas, Winter is Coming.

As a summary, some activities are cool, but time is short, and my favorites are inconvenient. My friend Lauren is a bit of a gym rat and promises me that I never have to do yoga, but maybe I could start doing squats and lunges and join a gym and that’s when I tuned her out.

I met Lauren through blogging, and then she moved to Connecticut and then she and her husband got involved in Gumshoe, so we’re often talking about being moms of 3 and how bad Connecticut winters are and work and our mutual love of waffles.

And so I swore I was going to get it together over the summer, but summer’s always wild for the work-at-homer, and then it was the back-to-school sprint (buy all the things), but now that we’re a few weeks in on the new school year, I’m settling into a schedule and can get back on track.

Lauren mentioned much of the same. I told her how Jamie and I did a DietBet earlier this year and it helped us kickstart things after the holidays, so now we’re doing one together (it starts Monday and you’re welcome to join us). We all pool our money and whoever hits goals at the end of four weeks splits it. It’s super fun and a great way to stay motivated with pals. 👯

>>> here’s a video on how it works
>>> here’s where to join

Here’s my current and kind-of-lame plan. I got one of those FitBits that you wear on your wrist that looks like a really serious hair tie, and I try to clock in 10,000 steps a day. I also try to carve out serious yoga sessions when I can, but when I can’t, I slog out time on the basement treadmill and end with a little yoga and Kendrick Lamar on Spotify. And luckily, I can run and yoga anywhere, really. It gets a little dicey on hardwood floor (there’s no way I’m dragging a yoga mat everywhere with me), but I have a little fifteen minute routine I go through I can realistically do anywhere, anytime, in my pajamas if necessary.

Our friends at Crane & Lion sent us yoga gear to give away (details here). I’m wearing the keyhole sports bra and the original tight, and they both feel great. I’ve tried everything from lululemon to Athleta to Reebok and so far, these are my fave. Minimal adjusting over the course of a yoga class, even while handstanding. If they ever make yoga shorts, I’ll buy the first pair.


I scrub down my yoga mat regularly and it still looks like four or five mimes rolled around on it. IDK.

crane“You look drunk in that one, Roo.”

“Leave me alone; I was setting up a pose.”



Busy people, how do you make it all happen? If you say that you just loooove Bikram, I’m probably going to assume you’re a masochist, but I’m going to try really hard to be nonjudgmental about it.😘