The Life Changing Delay Start

by Roo on July 21, 2014

in home

I do this stupid thing where I get something new, and I toss the instruction book in a drawer and assume I’ll figure it all out. Like with new phones or new electronic gadgets. Everything except IKEA items, because if you’re trying to assemble something from IKEA without the stick figures wordlessly showing you how to do it, lolol RIP your sanity, brah. I punch buttons and figure out features and only consult the instruction book under duress.

In an effort to be a more productive person, I’ve been trying to streamline my morning routine. I get up, I stumble over to the laundry basket, I haul a load downstairs, I throw it in the washer, and then I forget about it for a few hours until it’s already started to smell like the inside of a boys’ locker room, and then I wash the load all over again. It’s super productive. Anyway, I was poking around on the internet, and someone mentioned a “delay start” feature and how it’s changed her life.

As a sucker for life hacks and tips + tricks, I kept reading. You throw laundry in your washer, and you can set it to start in however many hours you want. So if you’re going to be out of the house all day, your laundry’s not just sitting there, fermenting or whatever. “Oh, this is a cool, new-fangled feature on all of the sparkly brand new machines,” I figured.

Went downstairs. Looked at my machine. There’s a Delay Start button on it, and my machine is six years old. I’m not sure how I’ve done thousands of loads of laundry without ever noticing the pretty glaringly obvious Delay Start button, and I feel a little stupid for not figuring it out before, but it’s changed my life, too. The quality on this photo is pretty fuzzy. My laundry room is an unfinished portion of the basement, and it looks like violent crimes were committed down there. There’s no natural light, but the upside is that you can’t see any of the dead raccoons, so I’m just going with it.


Before bed, I throw a load of laundry in and set everything up, but then I hit the delay start button. I calculate it so it finishes up right as I’m getting out of bed. Now it’s wake up, stumble around, and throw the laundry in the dryer. I start my morning routine for the day – you know – shower, get dressed, check the weather, text “Hayyyy Party Peopleeee” to all of my friends, and subsequently get blocked by half of them. The dryer dings, and I quickly fold and put it all away. On good days, my laundry work for the day is done before the girls even get up.

Will I pay closer attention to instruction booklets next time? YEA! Well, maybe. Okay, it’s probably not even likely. But I have clean socks, so.


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