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Roo Ciambriello - NEON FRESH

What do you call someone who vomits pretty easily?  A Pro Vomiter?  I don’t know, but I achieved the Expert Level somewhere around the age of seven during a family trip, when I was bent over on the side of a backroad in Arkansas, emptying out my stomach and declaring things like “I hate Arkansas.”  Sorry, Arkansas.

I didn’t do my body any favors.  I’d start off the road trip going, okay, no reading.  I won’t read my beloved stack of Babysitters Club books, and I won’t read signs on the side of the road.  But then that got boring, so I’d just try to read one chapter.

“Okay, cool, this is the part where Kristi and Claudia get in a fight.  I can do this.  I’m reading in the car.  Awww, yessss.  This isn’t so bad.  I like thi— WHARRLLGARBLLBL.”

Car brakes slam.  

Dad: “Dammit, Roo.  I just shampooed the seats and the floor.”

Mom: “Oh honey, you should have just barfed into your Snapple bottle.  Look, it’s all over your jelly sandals.”

The stuff of nightmares.  Now, a million years later, I still loathe the backseat.  Do not ask me to go on the teacups at any amusement park.  Do not ask me to accompany you on to a roller coaster.  In fact, don’t even run around me too quickly, please, unless you like having what I had for lunch all over your shoes.  (It was probably a chili dog, btw.)

Subaru wants to hear some of your Backseat Stories (like mine or… like whatever story these horses are telling) for a chance to win $1000.  I enjoy this video entirely too much.  I could probably do this in the backseat without puking, right?  I mean, you probably can’t see much through that horse mask anyway, so there’s no chance for my eyes to tell my brain to tell my stomach to projectile vomit all over.

Maybe I just need something a little bit more magical.  Seriously, where’s a unicorn where you need one?

Oh.  Carry on.

Got a backseat story to share?  More importantly, did you read the Babysitters Club books?  And even more importantly, if you win the $1,000, what are you going to buy me?  :) You can comment in the convenient box below. Sup, Box.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Subaru. The opinions and text are all mine.

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