Hi, and welcome. :) I’m Roo Ciambriello (pretend the ci is a ch).

I’m zero percent Italian; don’t be fooled by the last name. (Actually hapa; NPR’s got the details.)

Roo Ciambriello

(photo by Dan Savinelli)

By day, I’m a writer. I develop voices for brands and write copy for their packaging on shelves in Whole Foods, Target, y mucho mas. I also provide commentary on advertising and branding on Adweek, and run a site for parents of kids with allergies, asthma, and eczema. Semi-professional (yea, like football) bio right here.

By night, I’m … well … I’m still a writer, but I do it in sweatpants. On Semiproper, I like waxing nostalgic about playing Oregon Trail and the days that Choco Tacos could be purchased at Taco Bell, but I also write about life lessons, human rights, and Beyonce. JK on that last one, may Destiny’s Child rest in sequined and fur-lined peace. Thanks for finding your way here! Stay as long as you’d like. Let’s be buds and split a pizza sometime.