Hi, and welcome. :) I’m Roo Ciambriello (ru cham-bree-yellow).

I’m zero percent Italian; don’t be fooled by the last name. Half white girl and half Pacific Islander, which just means that my hair gets big when it’s humid out and I can play five chords on the ukelele.

I swear to you I smile way more than this photo and all other photos of me would ever suggest.

Roo Ciambriello

(photo by Dan Savinelli)

Started this blog in August 2010. I like waxing nostalgic about playing Oregon Trail and the days that Choco Tacos could be purchased at Taco Bell, but I also write about life lessons, social justice, and Beyonce. JK on that last one, may Destiny’s Child rest in sequined and fur-lined peace. Thank you for finding your way here. Please stay as long as you’d like. Let’s be buds and split a pizza sometime.